Saturday, October 25, 2008

High Fashion Meets Retro Gaming

The Giles Deacon Spring/Summer Collection for 2009 was presented by models wearing HUGE Pac-Man character masks....err, helmets? I have to say that this was a very bold move and I'm pretty amused by it. It's too bad that these masks aren't for sale because they would make great halloween costumes!

[Via Technabob]

The Book of Chess

The Book of Chess by Augusto Ghibelli is a heavy cardboard chess set with pieces that are words styled to resemble traditional chess pieces. The set folds up into a convenient to carry book so it would be perfect to pack for a long trip.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Soda and Beer Bottle Glasses

These awesome glasses are recycled from real classic Boylan's Root Beer and Rolling Rock beer bottles in Wisconsin. I've seen some glasses like these before and I've always wanted some! They seem like they would be really durable and I bet they'd make a great gift!

Casket Invitation Box

These casket invitation boxes offer a different way to invite your friends to your halloween party this year! This little casket box opens up to reveal the party particulars and a cute and friendly vinyl skeleton toy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Astronaut Love T-Shirts and Gifts

Oh, it gets so lonely out here in space! This cute graphic tee design features two cartoon astronauts in love floating in space above the blue earth with a red heart hovering between them amongst the stars! Perfect for indie art lovers, amateur astronomers and anyone who is watching the stars wishing for someone to love.
This design is available on t-shirts (of course!), hoodies, buttons, stickers, tote bags, postage stamps (US), mugs, greeting cards, mousepads and many other great gift ideas!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Underwater Photos by Bruce Mozertom

These amazing vintage underwater photos were taken by Bruce Mozertom in 1938. I adore them all!
Click here to see the rest of the photos!

[Via Smashing Magazine]

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ann P. Smith's Robot Sculptures

Ann P. Smith makes gorgeous robot animal sculptures out of bits and pieces from old electronics and there are few things I like more than art made from scraps! She really has a gift for piecing these things together in a way that's so appropriate for the sculpture and gives them unique personalities with their color and form. You can check out her gallery here and you can see what she has for sale in her Etsy store here!

Bobble Opener by Pollen Design

These "bobble openers" by Pollen Design open bottles with their teeth so that you don't have to do it yourself and pay for all of that expensive dental work. This is just a really cute design and since I can't resist adorable cartoony figures I thought I'd post him here today.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Candy Jelly & Gummie Kabobs

These candy kabobs are really cute and creative! The bug eyed expression on the frog on the one on the right is pretty appropriate considering the situation he's finding himself in now. Oh, cruel fate has led him to be skewered with a bunch of other gummy goodies on a stick.
On the bright side, he does look like he'd be a tasty treat!

Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride Wedding Cakes

I saw these beautiful wedding cakes that were inspired by the Tim Burton movies The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride in a post on Cake Wrecks about halloween themed wedding cakes (though these particular ones are certainly not wrecks). It's been a little while since I posted some cakey goodness here so I thought I'd share these pretty things.
The Nightmare Before Christmas cake was made by Let Them Eat Cake and the Corpse Bride cake was made by Wild Cakes!
Happy Halloween!

[Via Cake Wrecks]

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Broken Heart Knife Block

At last they've made a knife block for the brokenhearted. Wait, I'm not sure giving those with freshly broken hearts sharp objects is a particularly good idea...but this design is still great. It's perfect for people with a slightly morbid sense of humor and a use for more knives.
It might fit in well with the throwing knife wall hooks.

Jack-O-Lantern Piñata Instructions

Making a piñata is a great activity for kids and adults alike and it's also fun later when the kids find out they're allowed to knock the stuffing out of it with a stick! Piñatas are a great way to get rid of leftover halloween candy so keep this project in mind if you find yourself swimming in candy this halloween. This design can be modified to make any other animal or character with a little creativity and some cardboard, streamers, construction paper or whatever you have around the house.
Check out the instructions on eHow!

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