Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mermaid Bookends

If you've been reading for a while, you may have noticed that I have a thing for bookends. I love these gorgeous mermaid bookends from Plasticland. They would add a bit of a fantasy feel to any room and I think they're elegant and lovely!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Delicious Nailart by Janet Riffe

I have a confession to make...I have a really difficult time growing out my fingernails. I'm too much of a tomboy (not that it's a terrible thing).

If I could have beautiful long nails I would love to have Janet Riffe paint them! Check out some of her yummy nail art below! Soda pop, snacks and candy flavor designs like Mountain Dew, Sprite, 7up, Dr Pepper, Pepsi, Oreo, Doritos, Cheetos, Starburst, Skittles, Runts, Jolly Ranchers and more!

Round Cherry Blossom Trees T-Shirts and Gifts

This illustration is something a bit different for me. I wanted to start with a very simple, basic shape and go from there...this was the result. :)

These lovely abstract cherry blossom trees feature beautiful full pink and green round tops dropping soft pink petals all around! This cute original nature art is the perfect gift to buy for anyone who loves cherry blossom trees and original funky and pretty artwork!

This cherry blossom tree design is available on a tshirt, hoodie, tank top, kids shirts, baby clothing, mousepad, button, magnet, keychain, stickers, postcards, greeting cards, mug, hat, apron, tote bag and many more great gift ideas!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pesky Rabbits Tea Cozy Pattern

Spring is on its way and nothing says spring like a bunch of cute bunny rabbits jumping out of a tea cozy! This Pesky Rabbits knitting pattern from periwinklepark on Etsy will help you create this adorable tea cosy!

Jester T-Shirts and Gifts

Here's a playful jester to make you grin!

This bright and colorful cartoon jester illustration features a purple and red jester with a wide smile and rosy cheeks! This funny and jolly jester design is the perfect gift for anyone with a good sense of humor who loves a fun happy jester, clown, harlequin, joker or merrymaker as well as cute original art!

This fun jester artwork is available on a tshirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, kids clothing, baby clothes, mug, mousepad, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, button, magnet, keychain, hat, apron, neck tie, tote bag and many more great gift ideas!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vintage Typewriter Keyboard Stickers

You can make your computer keyboard look a bit like a vintage typewriter with these keyboard stickers!

Retro Bubble Bath Girl T-Shirts and Gifts

I felt like taking a nice long bath yesterday but made this design instead!

This adorable, bubbly retro bathtub girl illustration features a cute kitschy lady with blue hair, pink pearl jewelry and a smile taking a bubble bath in a blue tub! This fun and sweet vintage inspired cartoon artwork is the perfect gift to buy for anyone who loves kitsch and colorful original indie vector art!

This retro bubble bath girl design is available on a tshirt, tank top, greeting cards, postcards, tote bag, stickers, button, magnet, mug, mousepad, hat, apron, neck tie and many more great gift ideas!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lego Digital Camera

This colorful digital camera is made out of red, green, yellow and blue lego blocks! You can take apart the blocks of this fully functional camera to build other things as well.

Sweet Lemonade T-Shirts and Gifts

Here's a design that's very summery and fresh!

This fun and refreshing lemonade illustration features a cool chilled pitcher of sweet lemony yellow lemonade with a tall glass accompanied by a lemon slice and ice cubes! This cute lemonade art is the perfect gift for anyone who has fond memories of fun retro kitschy summer drinks and original vintage inspired artwork!

This lemonade design is available on tshirts, tank tops, kids clothing, baby clothes, buttons, magnets, keychains, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, neckties, mousepads, hats, aprons, mousepads, mugs and many more great gift ideas!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stuck Goldfish Bath Plug

This Stuck goldfish bath plug is cracking me up today! This poor fish seems to have gotten himself into a bit of a tough situation...

The Fisherman T-Shirts and Gifts

Here's a design that features a fisherman who really loves the color green! :)

This relaxing fishing illustration features a fisherman out on the lake with a blue fishing pole in a green boat waiting for his first catch of the day! This fun pop art fishing illustration is the perfect gift to buy for anyone who loves to fish!

This fishing artwork is available on a tshirt, hoodie, kids clothing, tote bag, hat, apron, mousepad, bumper sticker, greeting cards, postcards, button, magnet, mug, keychain, neck tie and many other great gift ideas!

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