Saturday, May 31, 2008

American Born Chinese By Gene Luen Yang

This is one of the first graphic novels that I've read lately that has truly made an impact on me. It was actually so good that I read it in two sittings and since I've got a lot going on right now that's kind of an incredible thing! I really, really hate spoiling books by saying so much about it that you feel that you've already read it by the time you get your hands on it so I won't say much of anything about it except that it's truly exceptional and since I borrowed the copy I currently have in my hands right now from the library, I really need to buy myself a copy of my own.

Worth owning, worth reading (more than once).

Bitter Luigi Cross Stitch

This fantastic cross stitch featuring a very bitter Luigi kicking a koopa shell at Mario and the princess is from Sprite Stitch. I've been wanting to make a post about Sprite Stitch for quite a while now but couldn't decide which of the amazing cross stitch patterns to post about.
Check out some of the cross stitch patterns over there and you'll see why it was such a difficult decision!
(You'll also find the pattern for this bitter Luigi masterpiece there as well!)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Steampunk Santa

Okay, I can't sit on this until Christmas. Behold, Steampunk Santa in all of his glory! Cyborgnecromancer made this amazing piece.

Artist's Comments:
"Steampunk Santa and his reindirigible. If you're good, he'll give you a lump of coal (to fuel your steam powered robots of course)."

Candy Grabber Claw Machine

You can have a claw machine game in your own home now! How cool is that? You can practice all night long so you can finally get that plushie you've spent $64 trying to win from one of these suckers down at the mall.
Or you could just sit at home and eat candy. (P.S. It comes with free candy!)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Saint Frankenstein Necklace

Sweetheartsinner is selling this awesomely creative and hilarious Saint Frankenstein necklace on Etsy for only $7.00. (Yes, I still live on Etsy, apparently.)


I Heart Sci-Fi T-Shirts and Gifts

This I Love Sci-Fi t-shirt design features a glossy heart shaped like saturn in deep and rich blue tones. If you or someone you love is a sci-fi fan then these t-shirts would be a great way to show it!
This I heart science fiction design is available on shirts, stationery, stickers, buttons, mousepads, mugs, hats, baby clothes, aprons, hoodies, tote bags, keychains, postcards, greeting cards and many other great gift ideas!

Windows Vista 1907

This gorgeous alternate reality laptop art was made by portal23 on flickr. His other images are wonderful as well and a lot of them have a dark steampunkish feel.

[Via Dark Roasted Blend]

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gourmet Scented Colored Pencils

Remember sniffing scented markers when you were a kid? Now has gourmet scented colored pencils that are made of 100% recycled newspapers! That's pretty cool.
(I want to sniff the cinnamon one.)

Tentacle Heart T-shirts and Gifts

This stylish tentacle heart t-shirt design features a heart made of shiny tentacles! This design is available in green or purple!
Great for sci-fi lovers, friends of octopi or squid or anyone with a unique sense of style this design is the perfect gift. This design is available on shirts, stickers, stationary, buttons, mugs, mousepads, baby clothes, aprons, hats, tote bags, postage stamps, hoodies and many other great gift ideas!


This beautiful photo was taken by furcafe. This scene is really great and I adore the angle it was taken from.
Here's another from the same set!

I Love Hentai T-shirts and Gifts

Ahem,I think this design speaks for itself if you love hentai!
This I Heart Hentai design features a heart with tentacles and it's available in my Purple I Heart Hentai Shop or my Green I Heart Hentai Shop. It's great for hentai lovers or as a gag gift for someone you know. Are you looking for an interesting and humorous bachelor party gag gift or a funny gift for a friend, girlfriend or boyfriend? This could be it!
Maybe you want to be a bit more discrete. If so, then maybe you'd like an I Heart Hentai journal, mousepad, boxers or panties!

This tentacle heart design is available on t-shirts, stickers, buttons, bumper stickers, tote bags, messenger bags, stationary, hoodies, mousepads, underwear, mugs and many more great gift ideas!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I really love this fun silhouette image from a recent post on Zuza Fun. It's very striking and the colors are just brilliant.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Brain That Wouldn't Die Lightbox

This Brain That Wouldn't Die shelfsitting lightbox was made by morbiddecor on Etsy and I couldn't resist posting about it. Actually, if I had the money right now I wouldn't mind buying it too because it's incredibly cool and would be perfect on a bedside table or bookshelf.

Malificorn Kawaii Doom Unicorn Shirts and Gifts

DOOM! This dark and cute unicorn t-shirt design features an apocalyptic doom unicorn with a flaming mane and shiny obsidian horn. This dark kawaii design is available on shirts, stickers, buttons, hoodies, keychains, postcards, greeting cards, dog shirts, baby clothes, magnets, mugs, postage stamps, tote bags and many more great gift ideas!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tiny Dear John Letter

This wonderful, tiny Dear John letter photo is a part of martianmermaid's 365 of Me project (and the rest of the photos are amazing too so feel free to click the link above and check them out!).

Papayalicious Stationary Sets

I was blown away when I found these amazing stationary sets by Papayalicious this morning. They're just so incredibly pretty.
Each set includes 6 notecards and 6 envelopes.
To see the other ones not shown below, click here.

Canadian Maple Leaf Canada Day T-shirts and Gifts

This cute red Canadian maple leaf t-shirt design is a wonderful way to show your Canadian pride! Perfect to wear on Canada Day, to give to visiting friends or relatives, to send to friends or relatives living abroad or just to show your love of Canada any day of the week. This design is available on T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, ties, hoodies, baby clothes, postcards, tote bags, greeting cards, magnets, keychains, mousepads, mugs, stationary and many other great gift ideas!

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