Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cereal Makes Me Happy T-Shirts and Gifts

This cool pop art cereal design features a cartoon cereal bowl filled with vibrantly colored cereal with the words "Cereal Makes Me Happy!".
If you couldn't wait for saturday morning when you were a kid so you could wake up early and eat sugary cereal while you watched the GOOD cartoons then this is the design for you! It's always saturday morning when you're wearing this t-shirt!
As always this design is available on many different products including stickers, buttons, kids' clothing, t-shirts, hoodies, baby clothes, tote bags and many more awesome gift ideas! Get yourself a fun tshirt!

Savin' Up To Clone My Cat and Savin' Up To Be A Rock Star Banks

Are you saving up for something that's a little out of the ordinary? Maybe one of these banks would be the best place to store your cash until you can afford the object of your dreams!
....Especially if you're saving up to clone your cat or you want to be a rock star someday.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Mini Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp/Toy

This is a cool little desk toy...and at 33 cms long, it really is little compared to the lightsaber toys you may be used to seeing. This toy plugs into your USB port to charge up and once it's charged you can remove it from its base and have fun with your mini lightsaber!

Ghostyshorts T-Shirts and Gifts

Cute little ghostyshorts, why must you spook me so!? Ghostyshorts isn't like other cartoony ghosts because he has a body that tapers off into a pair of shorts! Please don't hold it against him when this blue kawaii ghost sneaks up behind you and says "Boo!". This adorable design is available on a t-shirt, mousepad, stickers, greeting cards, postcards, mug, apron, hat, mug, kids clothing, tote bag and many more great gift ideas so hurry and pick them up before halloween!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bloom Day Light

Wondering why some of these lamps are upside down? It's because the Bloom Day-Light collects solar energy through a solar panel in its base! When it starts to get dark outside, turn your lamp right side up and you've got light!

Robot Calculator

It's no secret that I love friendly desk buddies and this robot calculator is no different! Not only is he handy for handling most of your spur of the moment calculating needs, he also has some other great skills like holding a pencil for you and keeping track of your paperclips.

Queen of Halloween T-Shirts and Gifts

Are you the Queen of Halloween? Do you wait on pins and needles all year for October 31st to roll around? If there are jack o' lanterns and cobwebs in your heart then show it with this halloween T-Shirt design! As always, this design is available on lots of other cool stuff like a mug, stickers, keychain, tote bags, stationery (and halloween greeting cards!), apron, hat, mousepad and much, much more!
If you're the King of Halloween, don't worry! Check out Our King of Halloween gear too!

King of Halloween T-Shirts and Gifts

Are you the King of Halloween? Do you go all out for the spookiest day of the year? Does your mere prescence command hordes of strangers to surrender their halloween candy to you? Then this halloween T-Shirt design is for you! As always this design is available on lots of other cool stuff like stickers, buttons, tote bags, mousepads, mugs, halloween greeting cards and much, much more!
If you're the Queen of Halloween, don't worry! Check out Our Queen of Halloween gear too!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Skullduggery Chairs by Bombarock

These beautiful Skullduggery chairs are upholstered with this awesome skull fabric that swirls into a sort of skull vortex in the center. They actually look like they'd be very cushy and comfortable as well as being a stunning focal point in a room...Sit if you dare?

Punctuation Jewelry

This awesome punctuation jewelry was made by nerdgoddess on Etsy! I really, really love those question mark earrings. I'd also like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to the comma for misusing it on a regular basis.

Console Wars Veteran Medals

These Console Wars Veteran Medals are sure to get you a strange glance and probably some looks of admiration too. Has your "Nintendo thumb" turned into a permanent disability? Is your bladder the size of a large beachball because you don't go for up to 15+ hours at a time?
You've earned at least one of these, wear them with pride!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lego Cake Mould

Lego cake, anyone? This Lego Cake Mould is pretty freaking cool and if you're a kid you can always use your birthday wish for a second and third (and fourth and fifth) lego cake to build a really cool Lego Death Star with. Actually, you might have to save up cakes from quite a few birthdays for that.

Who's Your Mummy and Frankenpod Peapod Magnets

These cute and halloweeny polymer clay mummy and frankenpod peapod magnets were made by polpetteclay on Etsy! These are absolutely adorable. Who's your mummy?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Holidays Christmas Kitty Cat T-Shirts and Gifts

Happy Holidays! This cute orange Christmas cat design is perfect for cat lovers this holiday season! This design has an adorable kawaii xmas kitty with holly and a bell with the words "Happy Holidays!" and is available on all sorts of Christmas goodies like tote bags, mugs, stickers, Christmas cards, postcards, mousepads, hoodies, t-shirts, kids shirts, baby clothes and many more great Christmas gift ideas!

Pumpkin Heart T-Shirts and Gifts

Happy Halloween! My halloween shop is featuring this new pumpkin heart design with a cute grinning jack o' lantern shaped like a heart! People are sure to surrender all of their treats when they see you coming in this halloween t-shirt. As always, this jack o' lantern heart design is available on many different products including shirts, stickers, mousepads, buttons, kids' clothing, mugs and tote bags that make wonderful and sturdy bags for trick or treating!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pinhole Camera Kit

Have you ever wanted to make a pinhole camera? I have. I mean, I've wanted to but never really got around to it. This kit makes it so easy though! I think this would be a pretty neat gift for a friend who likes to take pictures and also has a bit of an interest in making things.

Don Don Dog Peeking Shoulder Bag

This adorable Don Don Dog shoulder bag has a little cartoon dog peeking out of it. I think wearing this bag is a good way to show that you're playful and an understated way.

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