Saturday, June 14, 2008

Black Onyx Skull and Crossbones Brooch/Pendant

MorningGloryDesigns made this really beautiful onyx skull and crossbones combination brooch/pendant. I really can't help drooling over this piece and here are some earrings that would go great with it too!

Pirate Mermaid T-Shirts and Great Gifts

YARRR! This pirate mermaid t-shirt design features a colorful mermaid pirate captain wearing a bright, billowy shirt and wielding a golden cutlass sword. This design is great for pirate fans or mermaid lovers and if you love both it's absolutely perfect!

This design is available on a shirt, stickers, button, stationery, baby clothes, kids shirt, magnet, keychain, mug, mousepad, hat, tote bag and many more great gift ideas!

JunkMail Greetings

JunkMail Greetings makes some of the funniest cards I've seen in a long, long while. You can get such gems as "If You Can't Get Your Dignity Back, At Least Get Your Underwear", "It's A Good Thing You're Pretty", "You Scare Me A Little" and "I Admire Your Low Standards" (shown below).
If you want to buy a funny card for someone with a sense of humor, how can you go wrong with these for $3.00 plus free shipping?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Gorgeous Steampunk Lockets

These gorgeous Steampunk Lockets were made by Rivkasmom on Etsy. Her steampunk jewelry is really the best of the best as far as I'm concerned and it was just a matter of time before I finally got around to posting about her work. She makes tons of things like cuff links, paperweights, lockets, necklaces, brooches, rings, tieclips and many more whimsical things!
Check out what she has available here!

Pin Clock

The face of the pin clock is made of 3,000 pins that display the current time. Remember those pin and nail toys that you could press your hand into to make an impression? Those were awesome and this clock is like an updated version of that for adults.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cute Geisha T-Shirts and Gifts

This adorable geisha t-shirt design comes in RED and PURPLE and features a very sweet little geisha dressed in a cute red kimono with cherry blossom petals floating down around her. This design is for those who love kawaii designs, beautiful cartoon art, Japan, otaku, manga or anime fans, and anyone who can't resist adorable geisha girls!

This design is available on shirts, stickers, buttons, mugs, mousepads, greeting cards, hoodies, postcards, buttons, tote bags, aprons, hats, cute stationery and many more wonderful gift ideas!

This Is Why I Don't Draw Comics (Often)

Stunning Vampira Necklace

This lovely necklace was made by HeadlessTessDIY on Etsy. I don't think I've ever seen a Vampira necklace before so this was a thrill. If you love pale goddesses with dark hair then you should check out her Morticia Addams/Carolyn Jones necklace too!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cherry Blossom Branch Lights

These cherry blossom branch lights from Graham and Green are so pretty. They cast such a beautiful, soft light in a darkened room and they come in 4 colors (Light Pink, Chocolate, Pink & White).

Transparent Fantome Clock

Glam Candy Shop has this gorgeous transparent clock. I'm usually a fan of more traditional clocks, you know, wood, brass, etc., but this clock has enough of a traditional touch to make it appealing to me while also being beautiful and different.

Skullpops Skull Lollipop T-Shirts and Gifts

This dark and funky t-shirt design features vibrant and glossy spooky skull and crossbones lollipops in green, red and purple! Halloween, gothic, psychobilly, scene, indie and candy fans will enjoy this gorgeous and unique graphic.

This design is available on a shirt, stickers, button, tote bag, stationery, greeting cards, postcards, hoodie, hat, mug, baby clothes, kids shirt, mousepad, mug and many more wonderful gift ideas!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cool Rockets

These custom tin toy rockets from are amazing and they even make large scale rockets too (they have one on the site that's 4 feet 10 inches!). I love the styles that they have in their "fleet" and they really remind me of classic science fiction. Featured here are Blast! and Big Boy. Check the others out here!

Illustration Friday: Forgotten

My illustration for this week's Illustration Friday is dedicated to the forgotten art of letter writing. (Instead of writing one email this week, maybe I should put pen to paper and drop a line to a friend!)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Cute Pumpkins T-Shirts and Unique Gifts

This cute design is available in ORANGE and PINK and features three small, adorable jack o' lanterns with expressions ranging from happy to surprised! This design would be perfect for fall and autumn or halloween, for children and babies (to dress up your own little pumpkins!) or anytime for lovers of cute and kawaii things!

This design is available on t-shirts, stickers, buttons, tote bags (great for trick or treating!), keychains, hats, mugs, mousepads, stationery, baby clothes, aprons, greeting cards, postcards and many other wonderful, unique gift ideas!

Zalita's Wonderful Mad Hatter's Tea Party Cupcakes

Zalita makes some of the most amazing cupcakes I've ever seen. These Mad Hatter's Tea Party cupcakes are just a small example of the amazing things that she can do with this art form.
To see more of her incredible cupcakes check out her blog or her flickr page!

Gnome Bowling, Anyone?

Gnome bowling looks kind of fun and I'm sure it would be easy enough to see your targets in their bright red hats. I don't think I could bring myself to do it though, I mean, look at their cute little faces...their pleading looks.
Yeah, I guess I'll have to stick to regular bowling. I don't do that either? Damn, I'm really lazy. [AFK-bowling]

[Via Craziest Gadgets]

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Toilet Tentacles and Tea Bags

Flush, Please on Etsy sells these strange (and pretty cool) decals that you can stick on your toilet. They have tentacles in various colors and also tea in the following uhhh...flavors: chai, green tea, earl grey and lemon zinger.

Lovely Letters Romantic Gifts and T-Shirts

This love letter t-shirt design features a stack of beautiful old love letters tied together with a bit of pink ribbon and a fresh and vibrant red rose with a few of its petals beside it! This traditional classic design is a homage to the art of letter writing and is perfect for romantic gifts or small tokens of affection for someone you love, Valentine's Day gifts (February 14th), gifts for a penpal or a reminder of your love for your boyfriend or girlfriend when you're in a long distance relationship.

This vintage inspired retro love letter art is available on shirts, stickers, stationery, buttons, mugs, mousepads, greeting cards (great for valentine's day, mother's day, a birthday or anniversary!), aprons, tote bags, hats, magnets, postcards and many more wonderful gift ideas!

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