Saturday, June 14, 2008

JunkMail Greetings

JunkMail Greetings makes some of the funniest cards I've seen in a long, long while. You can get such gems as "If You Can't Get Your Dignity Back, At Least Get Your Underwear", "It's A Good Thing You're Pretty", "You Scare Me A Little" and "I Admire Your Low Standards" (shown below).
If you want to buy a funny card for someone with a sense of humor, how can you go wrong with these for $3.00 plus free shipping?


Robert A Vollrath said...

I've always wanted to start Hellmark Cards "When you care enough to kill a tree" but I know some fat cat billionaire that can't take a joke would get all bent out of shape over it.

Toxiferous said...

That would be awesome! Well, not the part about getting raped by a giant company. The other part. :)

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