Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wine Lover T-Shirts and Gifts

It's saturday and I can't think of a better time to celebrate the rich reds and purples of red wine and grapes! Here's a new design to lift your "spirits"!

This lovely wine illustration features an elegant glass of a beautiful luscious red wine partnered with some plump and shiny classic purple grapes, bright green hearts and the words "Wine Lover"! This delicious Wine Lover design is the perfect gift to buy for the vinophile, wine taster or wine connoisseur in your life!
This design is available on t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, tote bags, stickers, buttons, cards, postcards, keychains, aprons and many more great gift ideas!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Donkey Kong Shelves

I know I recently made a post about shelves but I couldn't resist following it up with this one today. These awesome Donkey Kong shelves even have little ladders leading from one shelf to the next!

[Via Craziest Gadgets]

Beautiful Petals Floral Fashion T-Shirts and Gifts

I felt like making something soft and feminine to bring us into the weekend and ended up with this pretty floral girl design!
Ahhh, pretty petals.

This stylish and lovely floral girl illustration features a cute pink and purple fairy like woman with violet eyes and pink short pixie hair decorated with beautiful flowers and flower petals! This unique pretty flower artwork with a bit of a vintage or retro feel is the perfect gift to buy for anyone who loves original indie vector art, style and fashion!
This gorgeous flower design is available on t-shirts, mousepads, tote bags, mugs, postcards, greeting cards, postage stamps, stickers, buttons and many more great gift ideas!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Read More T-Shirts and Gifts

Reading is fundamental! I've been trying to read more lately and thought I'd let this design encourage me a little bit.

This funny reading design says "READ MORE" and has a cute pair of blue eyes with thick rimmed glasses on it! This reading t-shirt is the perfect gift for librarians, readers and anyone else who has a passion for reading and books! It's also a great illiteracy (or literacy) awareness design!
This Read More art is available on t-shirts, tote bags (perfect for carrying loads of books to and from the library!), keychains, stickers, buttons, postage stamps, postcards, greeting cards,mugs, mousepads and many more great gift ideas for the book lover in your life!

Bookworm Shelf by Ron Arad

This Bookworm Shelf by Ron Arad is available at the MoMA store! This fun spiral of books is sure to draw attention while displaying your favorites.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cute Cherry T-Shirts and Gifts

I'm on a real kawaii kick this week so here's another cute food design with a cherry theme!

This fun kawaii cherries design features two adorable red cherries with bright smiles and vibrant green leaves surrounded by sweet little light green hearts! This cherry art is the perfect gift to buy for those who love cherries, kawaii food illustrations, cartoon art and stylish, colorful designs!
This cherry artwork is available on t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags (perfect to use as reusable grocery bags), mugs, mousepads, stickers, keychains, buttons and many more great gift ideas!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rabbit Girls Digital Art Print

I was checking out Etsy today and found this amazing Rabbit Girls art print by Zeng on the front page! The print is selling for $15.00 making it a stunning and affordable piece that would add a wonderful surreal touch to any room.

Cute Orange T-Shirts and Gifts

Here's a fun kawaii orange design for today! The stickers, buttons, mousepads, keychains, postcards and greeting cards have a pretty striped green background option or you can use the color of your choice!

This adorable kawaii orange illustration features a happy orange with a big cheeky smile and a cute and sweet orange slice friend! This cute orange design is the perfect gift to buy for anyone who loves stylish cute things, oranges, cute fruit and lovely cartoon artwork!
This fun art is available on t-shirts, kids clothing, baby clothes, stickers, buttons, mugs, tote bags, hoodies, stationery, aprons (for kids or adults), dog shirts and many more great gift ideas!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fairground Ride Necklace

This carousel necklace is adorable, fun and exploding with bright colors! I love how much detail has been crammed into such a small piece. Perfect for celebrating summer!

Soda Pop Bottles T-Shirts and Gifts

These soda bottles are kicking it old school with thick glass bottles and bright and funky labels! This soda pop design is something I've been working on off and on for quite a while and I was suddenly inspired to finish it!

The sweet and colorful retro soda pop bottles in this unique vintage ad inspired vector art illustration come in cherry, orange and lime flavors with fun fruit labels! This original pop art drinks design is the perfect gift to buy for anyone who loves junk food, sweets, sugar and cute kitschy stylish cartoon artwork!
This pop design is available on tote bags (perfect for using as reusable grocery bags!), t-shirts, hoodies, postcards, greeting cards, keychains, stickers, buttons, mugs and many more great gift ideas!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby Clothing Sale!

The baby clothing sale is now over! A very special thanks to all who participated! Keep an eye on this blog for new great designs, products and deals in the coming weeks!

SALE: For a limited time only my stylish, fun, sweet and cute baby bodysuits are on sale for $6.99 each!

What a deal! This $6.99 sale won't last long so act now! 20 pages of unique, fun and incredibly cute baby clothing designs all for the same low price! Kawaii stuff, Geek stuff, Halloween, Christmas, Indie Art designs! Goldfish, candy corn, unicorn, ice cream, jellyfish, octopus designs!
Got a baby shower coming up? These will make an adorable, memorable, original and all around great baby shower gift! All infant bodysuits are available in blue, pink and white!
Licensed American Idol and Twilight baby clothes are also available to buy for the same price! All the baby clothing designs shown below are on sale and so much more!
Don't forget to use the coupon code: SECONDFRANCO at the checkout for an additional $5 off on orders of $50 or more!

Click here to check out the sale!

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