Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cat Tank and Cat Firetruck Playhouses by Suck UK

When I first saw these I couldn't believe that they could possibly be real but after doing some investigating I've found that they are indeed real and they're awesome! These Cat Tank and Cat Firetruck playhouses were made by SUCK UK and apparently they have an airplane one as well. I highly recommend checking out the site to see some cute candid kitty shots of cats playing in their playhouses.
Buy the kit, fold it up and your kitty will love you!

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Vintage Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween!
I thought it would be appropriate to share these halloween costume treasures from the seventies with you to get you in the mood for trick or treating, halloween parties or whatever other fun and unsavory things you might be enjoying today. As you can see, the seventies gave birth to some truly awesome costumes...resembling Spock, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Bionic Woman and the Six Million Dollar Man. Whether you've actually worn one of these and you want to reminisce or you're just curious check out Part One and Part Two on the PlaidStallions blog for more!

[Via Plaid Stallions]

Katamari Prince Dog Costume

Oh, this cute dog would surely take home as many doggie treats as he could handle this halloween in this Katamari Prince Dog Costume! This costume was made by vsc83 on Etsy!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hats by Topsy Turvy Design

Topsy Turvy Design made these really amazing hats! The first is a 18th century inspired steampunk masterpiece masquerade hat with a ship on it and the second is a playful and fun shiny metallic red and gold bellhop inspired pillbox hat! I'm in awe.

Pinup Mosaic Collection by SICIS The Art Factory

These pinup mosaic tile art pieces are made by SICIS The Art Factory and they are truly outstanding. These little trimmed examples definitely don't do them justice so I encourage you to browse the gallery. (Potentially Not Safe For Work: almost all of the content is pretty bubblegum but I'll just say that you may see occasional lacy underthings in here so if you're at work use your own discretion!)

[Via If It's Hip, It's Here]

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Make-a-Face Halloween Pancake Molds

These halloween pancake molds are really cute and who doesn't want to have jack o' lantern and skull shaped pancakes for breakfast on halloween? These come in a set of two so you get one mold of each design. I do have one question though...where are the frankencakes!!?

Emily the Strange and The Goon Jones Soda

For a limited time only Jones Soda is selling 6 packs of Emily the Strange and The Goon soda! Very cool and just in time for halloween so get 'em while they're...cold?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rocking Wheel Chair

This new take on the traditional rocking chair is the Rocking Wheel Chair! This concept was thought up by student designer Mathias Koehler who even built an overhead reading lamp into the design. Very clever!

[Via Treehugger]

Rocket Racer Tin Friction Toy

I love tin toys and this one is definitely one of my favorites! This little tin rocket racer is awesome with its retro pale green and red colors and it even has little stars and planets painted on its fins. Let's go to the moon!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Retro Superhero T-Shirts and Gifts

Here are my cute and kitschy retro superhero designs! They're sexy, smart, sassy, masked and cartoony! They're busting right out of yesteryear's comic books and they're prepared to save the world!
Each design is available on t-shirts, stickers, buttons, mugs, keychains, greeting cards, postcards, mousepads, tote bags and all kinds of other fun gift ideas so click on the pictures below to check out the goods!


If you have a lot of jars around that you can't bear to throw away then this adorable halloween craft by Martha might be the perfect way to make use of them! You can easily transform all of those jars into cute little glass halloween jack o' lantern buckets filled with candy! Pure cute, simple and spooky halloween fun.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

'Cassette Tape Closet'

This Cassette Tape Closet made by designer Patrick Schuur is a very creative and impressive way to make use of old cassette tapes. This piece was made with 918 tapes and I'm sure it took a long, long time to build!

[Via Designboom and Gizmo Diva]

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