Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pinup Mosaic Collection by SICIS The Art Factory

These pinup mosaic tile art pieces are made by SICIS The Art Factory and they are truly outstanding. These little trimmed examples definitely don't do them justice so I encourage you to browse the gallery. (Potentially Not Safe For Work: almost all of the content is pretty bubblegum but I'll just say that you may see occasional lacy underthings in here so if you're at work use your own discretion!)

[Via If It's Hip, It's Here]


This Makes My Day said...

Very creative idea, amazing!! I love mosaics!!

Toxiferous said...

They really are amazing! I wish I could have one on every wall of my apartment.

Jack R said...

These are fabulous. I like the Bolles girl the best (though I'm biased).

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