Saturday, September 13, 2008

Skull Heart T-Shirts and Gifts

This pop art skull heart design is rockin' with a cute pink stitched heart and a cartoony skull with hearts for pupils. Is he love struck? Oh, yes he is! Ahh, what could be finer than punk zombie love?
You'll find cute skull heart t-shirts, stickers, buttons, mousepads, mugs, stationery and much much more when you click on the pictures below!

The Jello Art of Liz Hickok has a great post by Diana Eid about the Jello Art of Liz Hickok! This stuff is absolutely incredible and so are the photos.
If you want to check out Liz Hickok's site click here.

Stacked Coffee Mug

This coffee mug's design makes it look like a stack of three mugs. I can't help but think that this would be kind of annoying to drink from with all of those extra handles poking out all over. Though it wouldn't be my favorite mug to use, I think it would still be pretty great to have in my home with the Tea Cup Hook.

Candy Trees T-Shirts and Gifts

Have you ever wished that candy grew on trees? Even if you haven't, I bet you can still appreciate this playful and fun candy tree design! This cute artwork features cotton candy trees with purple and pink shiny gumballs instead of fruit. This whimsical art is available on lots of cool stuff like t-shirts, keychains, mugs, tote bags, greeting cards, postcards, stickers and many more unique gift ideas for kids and those who are kids at heart (yeah, that'd definitely be me)!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Talk Like A Pirate Day! September 19th

Don't forget to celebrate your pirateness on Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19th)! Errr...I mean, Arrr, ye be a scurvy dog if ye don't! The rest of this post is just shameless advertising for one of my favorite pirate t-shirts but I'm really just a pirate at heart. :)

Beautiful Lily Lace Chair

This Lily Lace Chair from Studio Dror has a gorgeous design. It looks so soft and comfortable but also sharp and feminine at the same time. Bravo, Studio Dror!

[Via Freshome]

Piggy Piggy Bank

The Piggy Piggy Bank by Thorsten Van Elten is a very cool looking mutant pig with two heads and no tails! It's a wonderful piece of art that will keep your money safe...after all, you'll have two sets of eyes looking after it!

PIzilla T-Shirts and Gifts

3.14159 RAWR! PIzilla is a misunderstood monster who just wants to spread some math love all over the city...though he may get a little overzealous and stomp some people and buildings in the process! This funny geek design is sure to delight lovers of pi, math lovers and monsters alike. This design is available on a hoodie, shirt, mousepad, button, stickers, tote bag and a whole bunch of other fun stuff!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cooling Your Drink Caveman Style

Cool your drink caveman style with Nordic Rock Stone Ice Cubes! Apparently these stones cool your drink much like normal ice cubes can only they're obviously not going to melt.

[Via Better Living Through Design]

Money Talks

Is this just crumpled money? Take a closer look! Money talks or at least it does for Dan Tague.
Check out these thought provoking prints on NOTCOT!

[Via J-Walk Blog]

A Public Service Announcement


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Octopus Chandeliers

These incredible octopus chandeliers were created by Adam Wallacavage. I've only posted a couple here but believe me when I say that this is definitely not all there is to see so check out the Octopus Chandelier Gallery and prepare to be dazzled!

[Via Sacrebleu (by JHill Design)]

Tetris Brownies

After posting the Boo Mario cake I found these neat Tetris brownies made by Fraske Designs!
These are making me want to play Tetris...and eat brownies.

[Via CraftZine]

Cherry Blossom T-Shirts and Gifts

This beautiful cherry blossom vector art features pink flowers blooming on a branch with lovely ornate filigree swirls. The soft floral colors used here are a pretty and feminine way of depicting the tradition and beauty surrounding sakura and would make a wonderful gift for anyone who is a strong female influence in your life (mom, aunt, grandmother). This design is available on a floral button, stickers, shirt, mousepad, greeting cards (great for mother's day!), postcards, mug, tote bag and many more great gift ideas!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Boo Mario Cake

This Boo Mario cake is AWESOME and it looks perfectly 3D! The big waggly tongue is definitely my favorite part but the little mushroom accents are really cool too. BOO!

[Via Geek Crafts]

Spider Webs

Dark Roasted Blend has a fascinating article about spider webs that's packed with extraordinary photos! I must warn you though that if spiders make you a little queasy, some of the photos of the giant communal webs might make you a little green!
The photos below are two of my favorites from the article and the images lead to the flickr pages of their photographers.

Click here to look at the entire article and be a witness to the beauty of these incredible webs!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hookmaker Teacup Hook

This teacup mounts onto your wall becoming both a cup to hold things and a hook to hang things from. It also has the added benefit of giving a subtle surrealistic feel to any room especially if it's the only thing out of the ordinary in that space.
I'd be sure to give it a second look if I saw it in someone's kitchen!

Enterbell: Enter Key Doorbell

A concept by Li Jianye, the Enterbell is a doorbell shaped like an enter key. I would be so thrilled if I happened upon a house with one of these someday.

[Via √úbergizmo]

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton T-Shirts and Gifts

This dinosaur skeleton design features a yellow tyrannosaurus rex skeleton with bright green accents! Perfect for paleontologists or anyone who loves dinosaurs of the giant carnivorous predator lizard variety or fossils and dinosaur skulls and bones! This design is available on a t-shirt, stickers, button, greeting cards, tote bag, mug, necktie, mousepad and many more awesome dinosaur gift ideas!

Heartworks by Lori Hot Air Balloon Art Pendants

These hot air balloon pendants by heartworksbylori are beautiful! The first is an image from "Travels in the Air" by James Glaisher and the second pendant features a photo by Irene Suchocki.


If you're a fan of toast then here are a couple things that should make you very, very happy! The toast clock can tell you what time it is every time you get up to go to the kitchen to make more toast and the toasted notes post-it notes are handy for you to write a note to remind you (or someone you love) to pick up more bread!

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