Saturday, August 8, 2009

Roost Nemo Fish Vase

Glub glub. These fish vases by Roost are pretty neat and are an eyecatching accent on their own for any room and also useful to display items in an artful way!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sewing Rainbows T-Shirts and Gifts

I've decided to celebrate sewing today with this rainbow sewing machine art. It's not just a hobby, it's a way of life!

This wonderfully crafty retro sewing illustration features a lovely pink sewing machine with the word "sew" on it stitching a bright and colorful rainbow with pink thread! This original vintage inspired sewing indie vector art design is the perfect unique gift to buy for the seamstress or tailor in your life or buy it to reward yourself for all of that time you've spent stitching!
This Sewing Rainbows artwork is available on t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags of different sizes (perfect for carting around your latest projects), stickers, buttons, keychains, mugs, mousepads and many more great gift ideas!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Link Legend of Zelda Knit Baby Outfit

This adorable Link Legend of Zelda baby outfit made by UpKnitCreek on Craftster comes complete with baby bottle quiver and is perfect for babies of retro gamers. When they get older you won't be able to get them to wear things like this so enjoy it while you can!

[Via Neatorama]

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Studio Salad Plates

These Studio Salad Plates from Elsewheres have an interesting square shape and stylish designs like a deer, a crown and a bird. They come in a selection of bright colors too making them fun and fresh for summer (or what's left of it)!

The Bowyer's Daughter Fantasy Art T-Shirts and Gifts

I've been playing around with this design all day and am pretty happy with how it turned out (finally).

This stunning and stylish Bowyer's Daughter dark fantasy art illustration features a beautiful and enchanting girl with striking brown eyes, bright red hair and a pretty emerald choker necklace surrounded by a wooden frame with rich brown leaves! This timeless and elegant portrait has the spirit of a fairytale from an era long since past, perhaps the renaissance period or the victorian era! The name of this stunning artwork was inspired by the Charles Dickens story of the same name.
This beautiful indie vector art is available on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, mousepads, buttons, stickers, greeting cards, postcards, ties, tote bags and many more great gift ideas!

Cute Turtle T-Shirts and Gifts

I've been feeling a little tired so I thought I'd make this sleepy-eyed turtle today!

This cute turtle illustration features a sweet little green sleepy turtle with droopy eyes and a big shell! The perfect kawaii gift to buy for turtle lovers, kids, adults and anyone who loves cute cartoon art with personality!
This adorable turtle design is available on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, mousepads, tote bags, buttons, stickers, postcards and many more great gift ideas!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clumsy Coasters

These Clumsy Coasters make it look like you spilled a little something but rest assured, your coffee table is dry!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Creepy Bunny Earrings

These cute (and slightly dark) Creepy Bunny Earrings are two-sided to show a skeleton bunny on one side and a little black bunny on there! Very creative design.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Unikeys Unicorn Key Caps

I may have to get some of these Unicorn Key Caps in September when they're available from Perpetual Kid! Right now my keys are rather naked and could stand to be unicornified. They're mystical and magical and they just look so darned happy!

Rainbow Hair Illustration T-Shirts and Gifts

I decided to make something a little different this weekend and went a little wild with the colors. I hope you like it!

This stylish and colorful rainbow hair original illustration features a very cute and bright vector art design of a girl with blue eyes and purple, green, pink, red and orange locks melting into a background with paint puddles of color behind her! This funky design is the perfect gift for anyone who loves unique art, pop art retro 80s style with a modern urban twist and colorful hair!
This beautiful art design is available on t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, buttons, stickers, mugs, mousepads, keychains, aprons and many more great gift ideas!

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