Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cakewich Sandwich Cake Mold

Do you like sandwiches? I mean, do you really, really like sandwiches? Then maybe you'll enjoy this sandwich cake mold from Fred! I really love that it looks just like a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich but I'm sure you can make other types as well.

Cute Dolphin T-Shirts and Gifts

Today's design is a cute dolphin to bring us into the long weekend.
He looks so, so, so happy! Smile! Splash!

This cute and fun smiling blue dolphin illustration features a beautiful and happy leaping and splashing cartoon dolphin! This dolphin art is the perfect gift to buy for an animal lover especially those who love marine life, the ocean, water and original kawaii cartoon artwork!

This dolphin design is available on a tshirt, hoodie, tank top, kids shirts, baby clothing, mug, mousepad, hat, apron, magnet, keychain, button, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, neck tie, tote bag and many more great gift ideas!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Awesome Piranha Plant Sculpture

Wow! I am floored by these piranha plant sculptures by Jaime Margary! Check out the gallery on flickr to see more pictures including some amazing detail shots!

[Via /Gamer]

ThinkGeek April Fool's Day Products

I saw something that reminded me of one of my own designs in ThinkGeek's april fool's day products. Just making this post so nobody thinks I'm ripping them off. :)
My Unicorn Parts design was created a year before ThinkGeek's Canned Unicorn Meat came out.

Anyhow, you should check out the april fool's day products on their frontpage. They're pretty funny.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Citrus Girl Vector Art T-Shirts and Gifts

Spring has me thinking about bright colors. :)

This beautiful citrus girl illustration features a cute lady with lemon yellow, orangey orange, grapefruit pink and lime green hair! This fun, colorful and vibrant fruit food artwork is the perfect gift to buy for anyone who loves citrus fruit and original pretty vector art!

This bright citrus art is available on a tshirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, tank top, kids shirt, baby clothes, hat, apron, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, button, magnet, keychain, tote bag, neck tie mousepad, mug and many more great gift ideas!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Colorwheel Watch

This colorwheel watch is eyecatching and perfect for anyone with an artistic streak and a love of color!

Funky Art Flowers T-Shirts and Gifts

Here are some dancing flowers to brighten your day!

This pretty flower illustration features two cute pop art flowers in pink and orange with yellow, white and orange centers! This fun and funky retro floral art is the perfect gift to buy for anyone who loves beautiful flowers and vintage art inspired original artwork!

This bright and colorful flower art is available on a tshirt, hoodie, tank top, kids clothing, baby shirt, greeting cards, stickers, postcards, button, magnet, keychain, hat, apron, mug, mousepad, neck tie, tote bag and many more great gift ideas!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cat Davison Jewelry Made From Recycled Vinyl Records

This jewelry by Cat Davison is made from recycled records! I love the sea creature and dinosaur themed pieces below. Some of her work is available for sale in her shop!

[Via Designboom]

Scuba Diver T-Shirts and Gifts

The warm weather has got me thinking about swimming so I thought I'd draw up something along those lines.

This great scuba diving illustration features a cute girl with red hair swimming underwater in the blue ocean with bright yellow exotic fish! This fun cartoon swimmer art is the perfect gift to buy for anyone who loves to swim, dive, snorkel or explore the water in exotic locales!

This colorful diver artwork is available on a tshirt, hoodie, tank top, kids shirt, baby clothes, stickers, greeting cards, postcards, tote bag, neck tie, mug, magnet, keychain, button, apron, hat, mousepad and many more great gift ideas!

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