Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tiny Pies Baked in Little Jars

Not Martha made these gorgeous little pies that you can freeze and eat whenever you want or whenever you need some single-serving pies to serve to your single-serving friends!
She also posted some tips so you can make them too!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Stormtrooper Bento

This amazing Stormtrooper bento was made by vingt_deux.
The Stormtrooper is made of monterey jack cheese with nori accents.
Mmmm monterey jack.

Sweet Fish Cute Goldfish T-Shirts and Gifts

This Sweet Fish cute goldfish t-shirt design features adorable orange kawaii goldfish with bubbles! This design is available on shirts, hoodies, buttons, stickers, keychains, aprons, tote bags, mugs, mousepads, postcards, greeting cards, baby clothes, kids clothes, magnets, hats, stationery and many more wonderful gift ideas for kids, fish friends, lovers of cute things or anyone with a great sense of style!

Heart Meter Pin

This cool heart meter pin was made by spugmeistress. It doesn't look like she has any in stock in her Etsy shop right now but she does have some cute necklaces there.

Miniature World

Oh, how I wish I could be on top of this ice cream right now.
This collection of tiny people doing regular (and not so regular) things on top of food products is pretty neat.

[Via Freaky Martin]

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pilo-Pilo Mini Cushion Ring

I love jewelry but there are so few rings that I would actually wear because I find them to be a little uncomfortable but here's a ring that's about as comfortable as it can get! This cute little pillow ring is called the pilo-pilo mini cushion ring and it's made by Downstairs Studio.
I think I need to take a quick nap at my desk now....

[Via Design Sponge and Neatorama]

Number 5 is Alive!

This awesome Lego Johnny 5 was made by Brickshelf community member rack911. It's incredibly detailed and even has working treads!

[Via Oh Gizmo!]

Tokyoflash Watches

Tokyoflash makes unique high-tech cyberpunk looking watches in a bunch of different styles. I wouldn't mind having one of each!
Check them out here!

I Love To Read T-Shirts and Gifts

This I love to read t-shirt design features an old leatherbound antique book with gold filigree accents with script that reads "I love to read" along with a vibrant red heart. This design is dedicated to booklovers, bookworms, new readers, bibliophiles, librarians, friends of the library and anyone else who has gotten caught up in a good book (or many, many good books!).

This design is available on t-shirts, stickers, buttons, tote bags (to carry your books in), baby clothes, magnets, mugs, mousepads, aprons, hats, stationery, postcards, greeting cards and many more wonderful gift ideas for the booklover in your life!

Retro Aprons by Jessie Steele

Jessie Steele has the loveliest retro 50s style aprons in a bunch of different patterns and styles. The cupcake one pictured below is my favorite but there's a beautiful brown and pink polka dot apron and a rockin' retro cherries pattern in there as well.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

That Would Buy A Lot Of Model Kits.

This Gundam painting by Tenmyouya Hisashi sold for $600,000 at a Christie's auction in Hong Kong. I must admit that it's pretty awesome and I love the dragon (but yikes, $600,000!).

[Via Kotaku]

Knitting in Biology 101

This dissected frog is like no other knitting project I've seen before! I don't know how CraftyHedgehog came up with the idea for this one.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kawaiiberries Cute Strawberry T-Shirts and Gifts

This cute strawberry t-shirt design features two adorable excited kawaii strawberries in vibrant colors with very expressive faces! These strawberries are wonderful for kids, kawaii design lovers or strawberry fans. This design is available on shirts, hoodies, tank tops, postcards, greeting cards, kids clothing, baby clothes, magnets, stationery, buttons, stickers, tote bags, aprons, mugs, hats, mousepads and many more wonderful gift ideas!

Lobster Sweater

Is your lobster a little chilly? If the answer is yes, perhaps your lobster should see DoctorKnit. Getting your lobster into the sweater may be a little tricky so watch out for those claws!

[Via Crafty Crafty]

Monday, June 2, 2008

Kiss Me I'm A Robot T-Shirts and Gifts

This sexy robot girl t-shirt design says "kiss me I'm a robot" and features an attractive female android in a flirty pose. For geeks, geek girls, robot lovers and anyone with a little bit of a flirtatious side these t-shirts will rock your world! This design is available on shirts, buttons, stickers, mugs, mousepads, stationery, postcards, magnets, hats, tote bags, hoodies, greeting cards and many more wonderful gift ideas!

Truth Serum

Truth Serum is a really great comic strip by Jon Adams featuring some really...bizarre superheroes. How are they bizarre? Well, they're sort of messed up in an almost ordinary way, I guess. Or perhaps they're extraordinarily messed up in an almost ordinary way? Click here to see my favorite strip or click the picture below to check the rest out!

Mushroom Cloud Cross Stitch

Radical Cross Stitch made a "Geek Stitch" post recently and included this incredibly cool Mushroom Cloud Cross Stitch in it.
I'm in awe.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Harry Potter Hogwarts House Quidditch Chess Set

This Harry Potter Chess set looks pretty amazing. I wish I could find some better pictures of it! It comes with a pretty hefty price tag and I'm assuming that's partially because of the 24K gold plating on it.

"Play Gryffindor vs. Slytherin or Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw or any combination."

Betty Rubble Belt Buckle

This Flintstones Lady Luck Belt Buckle with Betty on it is pretty cool. I've always liked Betty Rubble...she's pretty sexy compared to the other Flintstones. I'm not saying that Wilma isn't sexy at all. Wilma is her own kind of sexy (but BamBam has a hot mom).
(After looking it up, apparently BamBam is spelled "Bamm-Bamm".)

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