Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hot Air Balloon Wall Hooks

I love these hot air balloon wall hooks! I'm not sure I really need them to be numbered but I don't think the numbers take away from the overall design for me. In fact, I think the bold black numbers are actually growing on me.

Summer Lanterns--Gocco Square Card

This beautiful Summer Lanterns card was made by ginnae on Etsy! I really adore the lovely warm, earthy colors used in this print and the artwork is so pretty.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Horrified B-Movie Victims Play Set

This play set goes along great with the last post about the Remote Control Zombie! This is a bunch of horrified B-Movie Victims toys that you can run your remote control zombie through. It's kind of too bad that they can't move at all but so much more satisfying for your little zombie.

Remote Control Zombie

This remote control zombie is pretty freaking neat on its own but check out the controller that comes with's a brain! Brrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaains! Also, check out my post about the Horrified B-Movie Victims Play Set to create an obstacle course for your new toy!

X-ray Shoulder Bag

This Xray shoulder bag is very, very cool and just might mirror some of the things you actually do carry in your bag...and some things you don't. I don't recommend trying to get through airport security with this bag (even though anyone with a sense of humor would probably think it would be pretty funny, you might end up in a bit of trouble and OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!).

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Predator or Prey

This predator or prey glass tea set has a very interesting scene where the tables are turned! When you put the inner cup (with the cat on it) inside the outer cup the goldfish are swimming circles around him and he's caught inside their enclosure!

[Via Nerd Approved]

Ollie the Octopus Stuffed Chair

I really, really wish this octopus shaped stuffed chair came in an adult size because he looks really comfy! After a hard day I just want to cuddle up with Ollie.

Aces High Charm Bracelet

Resplendentredhead on Etsy makes really amazing charm bracelets like this Aces High kitschy masterpiece! This bracelet is simply overflowing with colors and good stuff like hearts, spades, playing cards, stars and pretty, shiny beads!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Martini and Olive Lamp

I think this martini and olive lamp is pretty cool and I could definitely see it as a great accent piece in the right kind of room...maybe something dark and mellow.

The Great Elephant (Les Machines de l'Ile)

The Great Elephant is an amazing 12 metre high by 8 metre wide machine from Les Machines de l'Ile. It doesn't just look magnificent, it's also equipped to carry passengers!

When the majestic animal goes out for its walk, it is like architecture in motion departing a steel cathedral. The 49 passengers on board embark on an amazing journey on the Ile de Nantes. Each time the pachyderm goes out, it is a unique spectacle for everyone to enjoy. From the inside, the passengers will be able to see the moving gears that power the legs. They can make the elephant trumpet and control some its movements, thus becoming truly a part of the Machine.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1000 Cranes Silver Lucite Necklace

This stunning crane necklace was made by Tiffany Lee! The crane is made from mirrored lucite for its lovely shiny, reflective quality.

Dr. Who Ice Cube Tray

This Dr. Who ice cube tray is a must have for fans! Wouldn't you like to have a little dalek floating in your drink?

Angry Christmas Penguin T-Shirts and Gifts

This christmas design features a grumpy little cute penguin wearing a red santa hat! This offbeat xmas design is perfect for penguin lovers or to give to your favorite scrooge! This design is available on a t-shirt, tote bag, christmas cards, button, stickers, mousepad, keychain, dog shirt, mug and many more wonderful christmas gift ideas!

Happy Christmas Penguin T-Shirts and Gifts

This christmas design features a happy little cute penguin wearing a red santa hat! This xmas design is perfect for penguin lovers, kids or anyone with a playful style! This design is available on a t-shirt, tote bag, christmas cards, button, stickers, mousepad, necktie, keychain, mugs and many more wonderful christmas gift ideas!

Festive Christmas Ornament Holiday T-Shirts and Gifts

This festive Christmas ornament design features three colorful red, green and blue xmas balls with the words "Merry Christmas!". This design is wonderful for those who love traditional christmas artwork and is a great way to get into the holiday spirit!
This design is available on Christmas cards, T-Shirts, stickers, buttons, dog shirts, tote bags, keychains, mousepads, neckties, mugs, hooded sweatshirts, kids clothing, stickers and many more wonderful gift ideas!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Skull and Crossbones Soap

These incredible skull and crossbones soaps were made by dugshop on Etsy! The first one is a red and sparkly gold raspberry scented bar and the second is a Bay Rum scented pirate bar! Yarrr!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Aquarium Card

I love this aquarium card from the Curiosity Shoppe! It seems like a delightful way to say hello to someone you've been out of touch with for a while.

This isn't a card as much as it is an incredibly detailed, richly embossed, die-cut diorama. The six panels fold out to reveal a colorful panorama of a fun-filled trip to the aquarium where an old man lectures the seals, and a young chap puts his hand way too close to the electric eel. Comes with an envelope.

Tiny Globe

This little globe is really great and of course it's small because it comes from Tiny Living, a store that specializes in small, space saving things for tiny apartments. If you have a small apartment it's definitely worth checking out!

Funny Snowmen Gone Wild Christmas T-shirts and Gifts

This funny 'Snowmen Gone Wild!' christmas design features a naked, scarfless snowman stripping in front of some other partying snowmen drinking huge mugs of beer! This design is perfect for people who have a good sense of humor, college students, beer drinkers and anyone who loves beer (or perhaps someone you know who has had a little too much "xmas cheer")!
This design is available on a t-shirt, christmas cards, sweatshirt, hoodie, stickers, button, keychain, dog shirt, mug, tote bag, mousepad and many more great gift ideas!

Xmas Designs

You may have noticed that I've been working on my holidays sections for the past week or so and have added a few designs to the halloween part. Well, it's time to start working on some christmas designs so that I can officially unveil the two holidays sections. I'm dreadfully sorry to be assaulting you with christmas designs in early august but it really must be done. All I can say is that it should only take about a week for me to run through my current xmas designs and then we can get back to some other stuff for a while! In the meantime, relax, sit back and try to enjoy the (hopefully) funny, cute and/or classic christmas designs I've made out of season.


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