Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Great Elephant (Les Machines de l'Ile)

The Great Elephant is an amazing 12 metre high by 8 metre wide machine from Les Machines de l'Ile. It doesn't just look magnificent, it's also equipped to carry passengers!

When the majestic animal goes out for its walk, it is like architecture in motion departing a steel cathedral. The 49 passengers on board embark on an amazing journey on the Ile de Nantes. Each time the pachyderm goes out, it is a unique spectacle for everyone to enjoy. From the inside, the passengers will be able to see the moving gears that power the legs. They can make the elephant trumpet and control some its movements, thus becoming truly a part of the Machine.


kawaii crafter said...

OMG, that's amazing. I want to go for a ride in that.

Toxiferous said...

I'm sure it would definitely be an experience to remember!

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