Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pilo-Pilo Mini Cushion Ring

I love jewelry but there are so few rings that I would actually wear because I find them to be a little uncomfortable but here's a ring that's about as comfortable as it can get! This cute little pillow ring is called the pilo-pilo mini cushion ring and it's made by Downstairs Studio.
I think I need to take a quick nap at my desk now....

[Via Design Sponge and Neatorama]


kawaii crafter said...

Love this concept! I just love when people think out of the box like this.

Toxiferous said...

Me too! It's such a cute idea. I could definitely see myself giving these as little gifts to friends.

Patach said...

Wow, It's one of those "Why didn't I think of it?" inventions!


Toxiferous said...

I was thinking about that all afternoon yesterday. I couldn't stop trying to think of cool ideas that I've overlooked. If I go completely nuts over the next couple days everyone will know what the last straw was. "Pilooooooooo".

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