Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Skullduggery Chairs by Bombarock

These beautiful Skullduggery chairs are upholstered with this awesome skull fabric that swirls into a sort of skull vortex in the center. They actually look like they'd be very cushy and comfortable as well as being a stunning focal point in a room...Sit if you dare?


Lottery Girl said...

Oh My! You've been busy this month! I'm trying to get all caught up since I took August off. LOVE the new pumpkin t-shirt and the button is darling!

Toxiferous said...

Aww, thanks! Halloween has kept me pretty motivated these past couple months. I'm glad you like the new pumpkin shirt and thank you so much for signing up for the button giveaway!

Jo Anne said...

awesome site! i immediately added your link to my crafting for cheapskates blog.

Fusion said...

Love these chairs so much, they are classic yet edgy.You always find such interesting and quirky items to display on your blog, it's so refreshing. thanks so much for constantly checking up on my blog as well. Keep up the good work.

Toxiferous said...

jo anne: Wow, thank you! I love your blog so much so I've done the same. I'm looking forward to seeing more wicked, cheap, sick and just plain wonderful crafts!

fusion: Thank you! It's hard to resist going to my favorite haunts to peek at new furniture/toys/projects/goodies when I'm supposed to be working! I love your blog and I love all of the "in between" posts you make about your process and your inspiration!

redd said...

Those are quite possibly the most awesome chairs to have ever existed EVER!

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