Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pinhole Camera Kit

Have you ever wanted to make a pinhole camera? I have. I mean, I've wanted to but never really got around to it. This kit makes it so easy though! I think this would be a pretty neat gift for a friend who likes to take pictures and also has a bit of an interest in making things.


Elana said...

Heya, that looks great that kit! I am curious as I have no idea exactly what a pinhole camera is but, recently, saw some really sweet photos taken with one. I'm a very novice but enthusiastic fledgling picture-taker and would love any feedback/experience you may have with them. THanks! Great blog! Elana

Toxiferous said...

Your blog is great too and thank you for stopping by!
I love pinhole cameras and the photos taken with them though I've never actually made one! I would like to eventually make one for myself.

A pinhole camera works by having a small hole instead of a lens and the shutter function in the camera works by covering that pinhole with a material flap that blocks the light and covers and uncovers the pinhole creating a sort of exposure like a traditional camera. has a page of instructions for making your own pinhole camera out of a juicebox! If you're interested it's here:

I'm not sure if it works but it looks simple enough that I might do it some weekend when I have time. :)

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