Saturday, June 28, 2008

Silverfish Aquarium

The Silverfish Aquarium is the coolest aquarium I've ever seen. It has multiple spheres that are connected by little tunnels that sort of remind me of the tunnels in those really elaborate hamster cages (which also happen to be pretty cool looking).

[Via Pet Sugar]


Robert A Vollrath said...

To hard to clean. This would make a better habitat for insects, snakes and lizards. I worked two years taking care of 500 fish tanks for a pet store whole-seller. These outside of the box fish tanks are great in pictures but aren't practical.

Toxiferous said...

500 fish tanks? Yikes, that's a job and a half! The site says that the designers took "particular consideration towards the long-term use of the Silverfish Aquarium" and "due to the extremely high quality filters used, along with an innovative filter combination, maintenance effort can be slightly lower than with a standard rectangular design" but seriously I'd like to see someone clean one out of curiosity. It seems way too good to be true (then again, I'm sure this aquarium comes with a HUGE pricetag so it would be really nice if it was as easy to clean as they say)!

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