Friday, July 11, 2008

Cute Geek Girl T-Shirts and Gifts

This cute retro geek girl design is a great way to show your geek pride! It comes in orange or brown and is available on a t-shirt, stickers, apron, greeting cards, postcards, postage stamps (US), tote bag, hat, mug, mousepad, keychain, binder, hoodie and many other great gift ideas!


Lottery Girl said...

She may be a geek, but she's still darn sexy... REALLY CUTE!!!

Marty Nozz said...

Any girl who gets her geek on and is proud of it is OK by me.

Awesome design.

Toxiferous said...

Lottery girl: Aww, you made her blush!

Marty: Thank you very much for the compliments! I just checked out your blog and it's a great read so far. Thanks for stopping by!

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