Friday, September 19, 2008

Giant Gummy Bear

I'm a huge fan of this Candy Blog and have been for ages now. Cybele makes the most fantastic posts about candy and her passion really shines through in her work and her photos.
Now back to the subject at hand...I was wandering through older Candy Blog posts when I found one about this GIANT GUMMY BEAR called the Big Bite Gummy Bear and it included these awesome photos.
The one on top with the decapitated gummy is wonderfully macabre in the most delicious way and the other shows the size in comparison to a normal gummy bear.
(Photo Credits go to Cybele of course!)


kawaii crafter said...

have you seen the site

there's a lot of photos of candy made on a much larger scale. I think you would like the site.


Toxiferous said...

I love that site! The Giant Creme Egg has blown my mind.

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