Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bundle Earrings and Pendant

These fantastic Bundle earrings and pendant were created by Shana Astrachan! All of the little sticks move independently in their bundle and I can only imagine that these would be really fun to wear. I don't think I could stop myself from fiddling with the bundles throughout the day but that's what I do whenever I wear jewelry (it's always not so much a fashion statement and more of a toy to me).


Book Calendar said...

Huh. Why? Can't figure this one out.

Toxiferous said...

Why? Why did I post about it or why did the jewelry designer make these? Perhaps you're asking why I fiddle with jewelry when I bother to wear it?
I can only supply an answer for two of those and I'm unclear about what your question is.

I posted about them because I liked their design. I like that though they're more basic than the jewelry designs I usually post about they still have something that sets them apart from most other jewelry that I've been looking at lately. I like the way the little sticks move independently in their bundle (which I mentioned in the post). I can't see how this could have been your question because I believe it was covered in the post.

I don't really know why the designer would choose to create these particular pieces but I'm glad she did. I'm sure she saw some value in the design just as I do. Sometimes art is just art.

Lastly, I'm pretty sure that I fiddle with jewelry because I'm not used to wearing any. It's a strange feeling for me and I never wear anything for long enough to get comfortable.

This is probably a more lengthy post than you were prepared to read but I thought I'd cover all of my bases.

If you're still left asking yourself "Why?" then maybe it will have to remain a mystery. :)

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