Saturday, November 8, 2008

Santa Tattoo T-Shirts and Gifts

You don't want to get on this Santa's naughty list! Maybe this Santa is punk, hardcore, rock n' roll, a biker or perhaps he's just plain badass. At any rate, we know where his heart lies since the tattoo on his arm says "TOYS"...I hope Mrs. Claus understands that he's married to his work! This funny Christmas design is available on t-shirts, stickers, buttons, hoodies, Christmas cards, mousepads, neckties, mugs, tote bags and many more wonderful gift ideas!


This Makes My Day said...

Ha, ha, tough Santa with a nice tattoo expressing his big love for toys!! Very nice.

Toxiferous said...

I'm glad you like him! He's my favorite out of all the Christmas designs I've been working on this week. He's pretty charming for a big tough guy.

This Makes My Day said...

Yeah, he is amazing, you did a great job!!
Thanks for your comment about my new template in blogger. I made a quite drastic change in color setting and style. The previous one I liked a lot, but it wasn't very professional.
I surfed the Web to search a style that I like and finally I created this one. Thanks for your support, you are the first to comment about the new style.

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