Saturday, December 6, 2008

Official Gmail Blog: Get your Gmail stickers

Official Gmail Blog: Get your Gmail stickers

I'm a huge fan of Gmail and this makes me like them even more! Gmail is giving out free stickers to anyone out there and all you have to do is send them a self addressed stamped envelope (or an international reply coupon outside of the U.S.).
They have some pretty cool ones with robots and unicorns (who doesn't like robots and unicorns?) so click here to get them while supplies last!


Blony said...

Here we go,
Here we go again,
same time, same place,
Now you tell me,
That she is just a friend!
Here we go!!

This Makes My Day said...

What a nice initiative of Gmail! Really entertaining. I also like Gmail a lot. Others like Hotmail are so bad when you get used to Gmail.

Thanks for posting and I wish you a nice weekend!

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