Saturday, November 28, 2009

NEW! Music Merchandise from Toxiferous Designs!

I'm so excited! I've been given the okay to create some officially licensed merchandise for some of my favorite bands and artists! Be prepared for an awesome and unique mix of my designs for Kiss, Gene Simmons, ZZ Top, The Who, Maroon 5, Lil' Wayne, Cheech and Chong, Tommy Lee, Chickenfoot and System of a Down! Check 'em out!
You'll be seeing some great and original band and music gift ideas like a t-shirt (in tons of colors and organic options too!), sweatshirt, hoodie, stickers, buttons, a mousepad, journal, sigg waterbottle, travel mug, gym duffel bag, tote bag, messenger bag, dog shirt, hat, apron, poster, tank top, kids clothing, mug, coasters, keepsake boxes and so much more! The perfect gear for rock music fans! Get yours today!


This Makes My Day said...

My favorite shirt designs:
1. System of a Down
2. Maroon.

Toxiferous said...

Thanks! Those are two of my favorites as well!

quill18 said...

Wow, that's fantastic.

Toxiferous said...

quill18: I'm very excited! It should be a lot of fun. :)

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