Saturday, January 1, 2011

Robot Wine Rack

Oh wow, I never imagined someone would have made a robot wine rack, but they HAVE and it's awesome! Check out this robot wine rack from paperdollwoodshop on Etsy!


Dustee said...

Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog and I believe that I have had you on my for a long time (if you are the same person). Just wanted to say your blog is AWESOME!.

Toxiferous said...

Hey there,

Thanks so much for the kind words!
I most likely am the same person so hiya and nice to see you over here. :)

Dustee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dustee said...

You are most welcome. I craft too, but you are well more talented! :) I can't wait to have a moment to sit down and read more of your posts. Have a great day.

Toxiferous said...

Aww, that is so sweet of you to say. I wish I could make all of the things I feature here on my blog! I try to feature a lot of different types of art, crafts and fun stuff from others as well as my own designs.

I checked out some of your work on your blog and you do amazing things! Truly gorgeous. May the new year bring you lots of inspiration and time to create your beautiful goodies. :)

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