Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ninjas Do It With Stars T-Shirts and Gifts

Ninjas are far more charismatic than they're given credit for!
This ninja t-shirt design features shiny silver ninja stars (shuriken) with text that says "Ninjas Do It With Stars"! This design is great if you happen to be a ninja, a ninja fan or perhaps you're looking for the perfect gifts for the ninjas in your life.

This design is available on a t-shirt, stickers, button, greeting cards, postcards, tote bag, hat, apron, business cards, mousepad, sweatshirt, keychain, binder, neck tie, hoodie and many more great gift ideas!


Lottery Girl said...

AWESOME t-shirt! Very clever!

Toxiferous said...

Aww, thanks! I'm really glad you like it. (You have won the favor of the ninjas of the IreallyneedtomakesupperbutImtoosleepy clan.)

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