Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cute Candy Corn T-Shirts and Gifts

(Working on a holiday section now so I have to start with halloween, of course! The section should be up in a few days but for now I'm going to be adding the designs here to give you all a sneak peek!)

This spooky cute design with large glossy cartoon halloween candy corn is perfect for trick or treating or anytime! This design is available on a t-shirt, kids clothing, tote bag (great for trick or treat bags!), stickers, button, keychain, hat, mousepad, dog shirt and many more wonderful gift ideas!


Lottery Girl said...

MMMM... Love candy corn! Really cute! Also love the Undead Girl with the broken hearts background.

Toxiferous said...

Thanks, I'm really glad you like them!

Robert A Vollrath said...

I hate buying things online but this is way to cute. I see a vision of the future! My grandchildren will be wearing candy corn shirts!

Toxiferous said...

Aww, that would be so cute!

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