Saturday, August 16, 2008

Book Vending Machine

This vending machine dispenses books! I can think of many times in my life when I would have loved to have had this thing available.

[Via Wired]


This Makes My Day said...

Wow, I also whish that I could have this machine near instead of candymachines. Books are other kind of candy to me ;-)

Thanks for your visit and your comment on my blog. I love your website a lot, it made me happy today! Love the designs and the energy they transmit to me.
I did put a link to your site on my blog, because I love your site.

Have a good sunday.

Toxiferous said...

Aww, thanks! I'm thrilled that the things I make and enjoy have made an impact on you. I love your blog too! It's positively overflowing with amazing artwork and color. I'll definitely be reciprocating so that I can check back often!

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