Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shark Bite 3 Dimensional Trouser Socks

These shark bite socks are very cute and definitely not your average pair of trouser socks! You might be reluctant to trust a shark but trust me when I say that this little shark just wants to keep your feet warm.

[Via Fashionably Geek]


kawaii crafter said...

You always find the best items. Love the concept of these socks.

The B Movie characters below are hilarious.

Syruss said...

Oh cool! where do I click? must buy!

Toxiferous said...

Kawaii Crafter: Aww, thanks! That's a great compliment since you always make the best items. :)
I really love that B-Movie victims play set...I keep trying to think of where I have room for them in my apartment. I can almost picture them on my bookshelves.

Syruss: They are cool, aren't they? Clicking on the picture of the sock brings you right to the page to buy them from. Enjoy!

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