Saturday, September 27, 2008

KittyCassandra's Flying Cats

These hilarious and beautiful flying cats were created by KittyCassandra on Etsy and I'm so glad I found them today! I'm in love with this print of the giant flying cat cuddling the flaming plane that he undoubtedly just plucked from the sky! Bad Kitty!


This Makes My Day said...

Very cute images indeed! I love them too!

Toxiferous said...

They are so much fun. I'm debating about getting one of the prints for my kitchen someday when I have some room on the walls in there!

This Makes My Day said...

Yeah, I can imagine this print in the kitchen, nice idea.
Maybe a cat can be an inspiration for one of your new nice shirt prints too.

d.funkt said...

how adorable! and i dont even really like cats, i just have a thing for fat animals. its weird, i know.

Toxiferous said...

d.funkt: Maybe a little weird but I have a thing for chubby animals too! They're just so freaking cute.

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