Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halloween Bottle Labels

These Halloween Bottle Labels are tons of spooky fun and they make it so easy to turn your soda, wine, beer, juice or anything else into a gruesome treat. The stickers say fun things like "Rat Poison", "Doctor Rotgut's Famous Embalming Juice", "Zombie Virus" "Snake Oil" and "Truth Serum". These would be great for a halloween party or a hostess gift when slapped on a half decent bottle of wine!

[Via Simply Stated]


Netter said...

I picked some of these up at the local dollar store. Can't beat a buck.

Toxiferous said...

That's an amazing deal! Aren't dollar store halloween goodies great? I'm trying to avoid the halloween section in my local dollar store at the moment since I have trouble leaving without taking home something cute and spooky.

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