Sunday, September 28, 2008

Girls Always Make Passes At Guys With Mustaches T-Shirts and Gifts

Men with mustaches, beards and facial hair are sexy and it's about time we told the world!
This funny vintage retro t-shirt design says "Girls Always Make Passes At Guys With Mustaches". Thought mustaches were only popular in the 70s? No way, mustaches are awesome and it's time to get the word out about our love for mustaches, beards, chops and facial hair! As always, this design is available on awesome t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, stickers, buttons, mousepads, greeting cards, mugs, bumper stickers, postcards, buttons, magnets, tote bags and many more great gift ideas!
Respect the mustache.


This Makes My Day said...

Oops!! I just shaved of my beard and mustache this morning ;-)
If I had read your post earlier I wouldn't have done it ha, ha, I agree that facial hair gives something special to one's appearance.

Toxiferous said...

D'oh! That's a pretty funny coincidence though! :)

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