Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Mob Boss Bank

This Mob Boss Bank is sure to protect your money but I wouldn't want to cross him or you might end up sleeping with the fishes. When you insert money in the bank the mob boss says one of the six following cliché phrases:

"I think this could be the start of something good!"
"A lot of money for a little person"
"You dirty rat"
"Hey wise guy that all you got!"
"You bring shame on the family"
"Not bad, not bad, what else you got"


veganbilly said...

ahahah joyous!

hey, i added you to my blogroll - i'm sorry it took so long, i hadn't even had a blogroll up and when i redesigned the site yesterday it was a *facepalm* moment.

hope you're having a good autumn so far. i am wondering if you're interested in hooking up on a project i'm working on/blogging for - I'll send you a shout on BC with more info.


Toxiferous said...

Hi there!

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! That was really cool of you.
I'm looking forward to hearing the project details!
Keep in touch!

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