Sunday, November 16, 2008

Harajuku Lovers Fragrances

I recently got my hands on some of the Harajuku Lovers fragrances by Gwen Stefani and I have to say that I really love them! This is a short review of each of the fragrances that I got to sample with a short description of the scent and why I like it.

Music - This one is my favorite of the whole bunch! It's absolutely amazing and forgive my flowery description of it really smells like rain falling on fruit trees (maybe pear trees). It reminds me of the fresh smell of summer after a light rain fall. I love it!

Baby - The Baby fragrance is soft and sweet and definitely has a light baby powder smell. It reminds me slightly of Love's Baby Soft so if you like that one then I'm willing to bet you'll love this one.

G - I can really smell the freesia in this one. This is a more sophisticated scent and I found it to be pretty strong. Maybe a little too strong for me.

Lil' Angel - Young and flirty! Definitely a sweet and fruity fragrance. I think this one's name really suits it.

Love - This one smells the most "floral" to me. It's pretty and light. I could see this being a nice everyday sort of fragrance.

I think the real beauty of the Harajuku Girls fragrances is that they've taken the time to develop little kawaii characters with original personalities that match each scent as you can see in the pictures below. Very cute and very original.

You can visit the official site to find out more about the Harajuku Girls fragrances!


Jenny said...

That review seriously makes me want to try them all! Nicely done. And their packaging is seriously cute!!

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