Thursday, March 20, 2008


Frankenberry has always been my favorite of the General Mills monster-themed breakfast cereals. Growing up in Canada it was very rare to be able to find it and I would usually only get to see it during very fortunately timed trips across the border. I always drooled when the commercials would come on during the cartoons on saturday mornings though and I swore that when I was an adult I would buy all of these rare sugary cereals that I could get my hands on. I envisioned a closet full of my favourites so that I could have a different cereal every day of the week.
Now I eat bran flakes, go figure.

I still love Frankenberry though. I recently found out that there are Frankenberry, Booberry and Count Chocula kubricks now. They're just perfect.

I'm not a bobblehead collector but there are a couple different Frankenberry bobbleheads out there. I have to say that I prefer the top one.

There's even a frankenberry halloween costume. Yep...that's a costume.

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