Monday, October 6, 2008

Fish and Ghost Computer Mouse by Pat Says Now

If you're tired of your boring old computer mouse perhaps you'd like a glow in the dark ghost mouse for halloween, a mouse that's shaped like a goldfish or one with an ace of spades theme? Pat Says Now has quite a few creative mouse designs like the ones below as well as pirate designs, a ladybug, a cat, a dog and a strawberry a chili pepper and more in their online store.


ergonomic mouse said...

Or maybe you could also try logitech ergonomic mouse. Just maybe, that would relaxen your wrist and thumb since it's perfect fit. :) Bewell! :)

Continuing Education Contractor said...

Good find. I've been looking for unique and extraordinary mouse all over the web! My buddies at Texas Electrical License will definitely be awestruck! Thanks.

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