Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ice Cream Scoop and Stack

I don't think scooping ice cream can get much easier than this! This Ice Cream Scoop & Stack gadget makes cylindrical blocks of ice cream that are perfect for stacking onto ice cream cones. I remember dreaming about ice cream cones that were 6 or 8 scoops high when I was a kid but only ever saw people with at the most 4 (and that looked awfully dangerous). I'm pretty sure 6 scoops or more could be achieved with this tool and it would probably be safer though holding it up might be a challenge!


Anonymous said...

I've seen this gadget before - but never tried it! Looks like you could get a lot of ice cream on a cone! Perfect for the ice cream lover!

Toxiferous said...

I agree! Sometimes I wonder how people come up with these's pretty clever. :)

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