Friday, May 21, 2010

Google Celebrates Pacman's 30th Anniversary

I wasn't paying much attention today and had Google open in a tab when suddenly I started to hear the Pacman music coming through my headphones.
Google is celebrating Pacman's 30th birthday with a little mini Pacman game that you can play on their homepage for today! How cool is that?
Go Play!

Cool Pitfall Doormats

Remember Pitfall? I was reminded of it today by this post on Craziest Gadgets!
I never actually had Pitfall for my Atari (I know!) and only got to play it much later. I can now compensate for my childhood disadvantage with one of these mats from Meninos!
(Your choice of either croc or scorpion.)

[Via Craziest Gadgets]

Cute Dyed Eggs T-Shirts and Gifts

Still feeling a lot like Spring over here. ;)
I felt like making some pretty colored eggs this week. Doesn't every week need just a little more color?

The cute and colorful painted eggs in this illustration are bursting with fun! These lovely colored eggs come in blue, purple, pink and green and would be perfect for Easter or for anyone who just loves spring, bright colors and original cartoon art!

This adorable egg art is available on a tshirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, kids shirts, baby clothes, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, hat, apron, mug, mousepad, neck tie, button, magnet, keychain and many more great gift ideas!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back To The Future Hoverboard Cake

This Back to the Future hoverboard cake by debbiedoescakes looks just like the real thing (check out the pic in this Gizmodo post to compare). Very nice detail work!

Cute Skunk T-Shirts and Gifts

Aww, who couldn't love this cute purple skunk?

This fun skunk illustration features a cute purple cartoon skunk with a pink stripe down its back! This sweet animal art is the perfect gift to buy for anyone who loves skunks and adorable original cartoon art!

This pretty skunk design is available on a tshirt, hoodie, tank top, kids shirt, baby clothing, stickers, greeting cards, postcards, mug, mousepad, hat, apron, neck tie and many more great gift ideas!

Monday, May 17, 2010

LOMME (Light Over Matter Mind Evolution)

LOMME (Light Over Matter Mind Evolution) looks like it would be pretty comfortable to sleep in. It's open yet cozy at the same time and I just love the picture of it in the meadow below.
It uses color and light therapy as well as providing relaxing sounds and music via a built-in iPod.
It's also extremely expensive but if money was no object...

Classic Embrace T-Shirts and Gifts

I felt like making something a little romantic this week and this is what I came up with. I hope you like it!

This classic, beautiful black and white couple illustration features a retro guy and girl in a tender and loving embrace! This cute and fun vintage inspired art is perfect for an anniversary, valentine's day, wedding or just as a way to say 'I love you' any day!

This pretty retro love design is available on a tshirt (long or short sleeves and in many different styles and colors!), hoodie, sweatshirt, kids shirt, baby clothes, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, button, magnet, keychain, mug, mousepad, tote bag, hat, apron and many more great gift ideas!

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